We help you focus on opportunities that will bring your company improvements
in business performance and outgrow with outstanding results

About us >

MAKAN LTD is a Management House Company that adds value to private and public clients worldwide. Our
team of experts help companies and organizations pave the way for growth, create value out of their
reputation, intellectual property and name recognition, and enhance their competitiveness adding tangible
benefits to its future worth, maximizing outcomes and advancing practices.
MAKAN’s innovative aspect, international perspective, geographical and expertise footprints make the
Company an extremely trustworthy and reliable partner able to benefit its clients locally and globally.

MAKAN offers a wide range of consulting services such as:

Our team

We are a team of experts in all fields of Management House. Our passion for what we do and our
commitment to deliver results for our clients guarantees that any time can be the rigth time for
successfully developing and outgrowing your organization.
MAKAN’s team consists of expert executives in strategy, management, leadership, research and
analysis, marketing and communications, information technologies and human development